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Equity Trading & Investment

Investing in equity shares is inarguably one of the best routes to long-term wealth accumulation. Apart from prompt customer support & services, we provide

  • Real-time quotes certifying instant access to reliable data
  • Easy and convenient online trading experience
  • Online access to net position, account statement, contract note

Depository Services

Just like a savings bank account for the money, a Demat account holds your shares, bonds, mutual funds, etc. in an electronic form. There is minimum risk of delivery/theft/forgery/loss or damage. The shares can be transferred immediately and no stamp duty is levied on such transfer of securities.

Derivatives Trading

Derivatives are a great trading tool that gives one an option to take benefit of the market movement without significant capital investment. With comparatively less initial margin requirement, investors have higher liquidity to maximize their revenues. It gives an opportunity to hedge one's position thereby reducing the risk or possibility of loss.

Margin Trading Facility

It refers to the facility which involves funding shares that an investor intends to buy but doesn’t have enough resources for. One may not pay the entire amount to carry those shares, all that is required is collateral which could be in the form of stocks or cash. This collateral is held by the broker on behalf of the client as margin and it is released once the entire debit is cleared. 

Currency Trading

Profit potential is what every investor wants to hear about and the currency market has plenty of it. Protect your foreign exchange exposure by making an appropriate position in the currency exchange. You can make money in the currency market whether currencies are going up or down and can also hedge your potential loss thereby minimizing the risk.


In recent times IPO have been a great source to capture the stock at its best rate making it the perfect tool to increase your wealth. IPO is a process of listing private companies in the public market. The most common reason for the IPO listing is to raise funds. Apart from the company side, investors get the latest share of the company at a discount price. There is a chance for investors to take advantage of these discount prices of shares & if the price of share increases, then the investor can make a better return on their investments. IPO investment can be done through Drishti Shares & Investments Pvt Limited. But before you do an IPO investment in India, you must open a Demat account to park your share. Online IPO has become easy & effortless.


Commodity Trading

At times of inflation, commodities like gold silver, etc maintain their value even when the currency depreciates. This makes investing in commodities an essential part of one's portfolio. It helps hedge against events of economic crises or natural disasters. Liquidity of a commodity is one of its biggest advantages as one can liquidate his position at any point in time.


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