To open a trading + demat account it is mandatory to provide a self attested copy of :-

  • Pan Card
  • Bank proof (cancelled cheque, bank statement)
  • Valid residence address proof (or office address proof in case of Corporate Account)
  • Demat proof (client master or statement of holding)
  • Photographs

You can sign the KYC form as per your bank signature and you need to take signature verification letter (affixing your photo attested by the bank on it) from your bank.

Yes, you can provide such document as a bank proof but make sure that such document should also have your complete name displayed/pre-printed on it.

Following are the applicable documents apart from the bank statement as a valid financial proof; please provide any one of the following:–

  • Copy of ITR Acknowledgement (for last financial year)
  • Copy of Annual Accounts (for last financial year)
  • Copy of Form 16 in case of salary income (for last financial year)
  • Net worth certificate (latest one, or at the end of last financial year)
  • Salary Slip (for one month in current financial year)

Yes, you can provide such document as a supporting identity proof to Pan card copy.

Yes. If you want to open HUF account, keeping you as a Karta then you need to provide us with your individual documents such as individual pan card copy and address proof.

Below given documents are required for the transfer cum closure process –

  • Account closure form
  • Original latest CML Copy of other DP along with DP official attestation and seal.
  • If there is any Inactive script in client DP account, then a DIS slip is mandatory so that post the respective script is activated, it can be transferred to the provided DP (other DP).

Yes, client’s spouse’s mobile number can be updated in his/her Trading+DP account.

Yes, you can change your signature post account opening and you need to provide a signature change request form along with the signature proof (new).

The client can add as many bank accounts as per his desire but only one bank can be marked as a default payout bank for funds.

You need to provide a modification form duly signed by all holders along with new DP proof (Client master copy OR Latest DP transaction/holding statement).

To change bank detail in your account, please provide modification form duly signed by all holders along with any of the following document proofs:-

  • Bank Passbook
  • Bank Statement (latest by 3 months old)
  • Cancelled cheque copy (personalized)
  • Banker’s letter mentioning all relevant details of client’s account (on Bank letter head).

Yes, You need to provide all holder’s signatures on the given modification form.

Yes. You can change your residence address and bank details using one single modification request form duly signed by all the holders.

You will get an SMS on your registered mobile number regarding the rejection in your account closure request.

In such a scenario you should first clear your entire debit in all the segments by issuing cheque in favor of Drishti Shares & Investment (P) Ltd. and then submit the account closure request to your registered branch or else your account closure request will be liable for rejection due to debit.

Yes, the Account Closure form should be signed by all the holders.